Tentative Invited Speakers and Title

Academician Guibin Jiang, RCEES: Environmental pollution and health effects

Academician Kebin He, Tsinghua University: Regional Haze Pollution in China: Implication from Emission and Observation

Prof. Dion. D. Dionysiou, USA: Advances in the Field of Advanced Oxidation Processes for the Treatment of Cyanotoxins, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides and Other Contaminants of Emerging Concern

Prof. Jorge Gardea-Torresdey, USA: Uptake of Nanoparticles by Crop Plant Species. Biotransformation and Toxicity: Current Knowledge and Future Perspectives

Prof. David Waite, Australia: Recent Advances in Understanding and Use of Redox Processes in Capacitive Deionisation Technologies for Water Treatment

Prof. Virender Sharma, USA: Activation of Ferrate in Treatment of Micropollutants:  Current Knowledge and Future Outlook

Prof. Renyi Zhang, USA: Formation of Haze in China - Why So Severe and Frequent

Prof. Andy Cundy, UK: Scalable Adsorbents for Management of Problem Contaminants

Prof. Hyunook Kim, Korea: What Happens During Initial Oxidant Demand Period?

Prof. Lingxue Kong, Australia: Nanostructured materials for effective and efficient soil remediation

Prof. Walter Den, Taiwan of China: Two-Layer Encapsulation of Ferrate(VI) with Chitosan and Hydrocarbon Buffer

Prof. Xiaoyan LI, The University of Hong Kong: Investigation of Soluble Microbial Substances (SMPs) as the Precursors of Disinfection By-products in Drinking Water

Prof.   Bing Yan, Shandong University: My guide for environmental exploration

Prof.   Jianmin Chen, Fudan University: Key Chemical Species in Fine Particles

Prof.  Bingcai Pan, Nanjing University: Chemistry-technology nexus for applied environmental nanotechnology

Prof.   Yong Cai, USA: Speciation of metals: challenges and perspectives

Prof.   Xie Quan, Dalian University of Technology: Carbon nanomaterial based membranes for water treatment

Prof.  Daqiang Yin,Tongji University: The guide for my research on Endocrine Disruptors

Prof.   Dongqiang Zhu, Peking University: Fate and reactivity of pollutants in aquatic environments as affected by surface processes

Prof.  Zhang Lin, Southern China University of Technology: Recycling of heavy metal from nano-sludge via crystal growth manipulation

Prof. Weiping Pan, North China Electric Power University: Mercury Control Technologies in Coal Fired Power Plant

Prof. Bo Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology: Metal Organic Frameworks for Air Filtration

Prof. Ziqing Yan, Zhongguancun air Pollution Prevention and Control Union: The Analysis of Big Data and Emission Reduction Effects of Vehicle Pollution

Prof. Liqiang Jing, Heilongjiang University: Carrier-controlled strategies for efficient photocatalysis to convert environmental substances

Prof. Lingyan Zhu, Nankai University: Nano-TiO2 in natural aquatic environment and impacts on the transformation of organic pollutants

Prof. Keping Yan, Zhejiang University: From electrostatic precipitation to non-thermal plasma for gas cleaning (PM, SO2,NOx, VOCs) 

Prof. Jianmin Chen, Fudan UniversityThe explosive growth of fine particles and the difficulty to be recognized it's formation mechanism

Prof. Chengpeng LIGuangdong Ocean UniversityApplications of Poly (allylthiourea-co-Acryl acid)  based hydrogels and carbon materials for sewage treatment

Prof. Jun Ma, Harbin Institute of TechnologyChallenge of drinking water quality in urban area and technology development toward sustainable solution

Prof. Chuanyi Wang, Shaanxi University of Science & Technology,Nanostructured Clay Minerals-Based Materials for Organic Contaminants Transformation and Heavy Metal Removal

Prof. Jingfu Liu, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS: Analysis of nanoparticles in environmental samples: from metallic to plastic

Prof. Zhu Tong, Peking University: The health effects of air pollution in China: Scientific Challenges and Policy Implications