2017 International Symposium on 
Environmental Science and Technology

Beijing, China, September 1922,  2017


      2017 International Symposium on Environmental Science and Technology (2017 ISEST) is to be held in Beijing, China, Sept. 19–22, 2017. It is a continuation of the previous five international symposia held in Beijing (2007), Shanghai (2009), Dongguan (2011), Dalian (2013) and Chongqing (2015) respectively. The purpose of this symposium is to provide an up-to-date discussion in the field of environmental science and technology in general.
2017 ISEST is sponsored by
Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences and Beijing Institute of Technology.
    All those interested in presenting a contribution are invited to submit a proposed Title, Author(s) Name, Affiliation (with mailing address, email address) and a 300–500 words abstract that may include purpose, results, significance and comparison with the past, to ISESTCN@hotmail.com through email. The deadline for receipt of the abstracts is June 20, 2017.

Preliminary Announcement and Call for Abstracts (English   Chinese)

Past Proceedings
City of Beijing

1st, Beijing,2007     2nd, Shanghai, 2009      3rd, Dongguan,  2011       4th, Dalian, 2013        5th, Chongqing                             



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